We do repair work for  Generac, Mac Tools, Associated, Bosch, Christie, CPS, Flo Dynamics, Mastercool, Matco, Motor Vac, Norco, Mahle/RTI, Precision Instruments, Snap – on Equipment, Century/Storm, Solar, SPX Robinair and YellowJacket.

Associated Equipment
Bosch Equipment
Clore/Solar Equipment
CPS Products
Flo Dynamics
Mac Tools (a/c equipment, torque wrenches, battery chargers and booster packs)
Mahle/RTI A/C recovery units
Matco Tools a/c equipment and torque wrenches
Motorvac flush Equipment

OTC Jacks
Shinn Fu
(makers of Hein Warner, Blackhawk and Omega jacks)
Sunex Jacks
Precision Torque Wrenches
Robinair A/C Equipment
Snap on/Hofmann wheel aligners, balancers, a/c equipment, tire changers, battery chargers
SureWerx/Strongarm Jacks hyrdaulic jacks
Yellow Jacket A/C Equipment

• Warranty varies with equipment type.  Call us for information.
• Copy of proof of purchase is required prior to service.

Warranty procedures vary from company to company there are a few that have specific requirements.

Robinair           call 1-800-822-5561 to log a service call, it will be dispatched to the closest repair center. 

Mahle/RTI        check the owner's manual for the specific procedure, again the call will be dispatched to the closest service center.

Snap on/Hofmann call 1-800-225-5786 and follow the voice prompts to log a service call. It will be dispatched to the closest service technician.

Most other companies require that you provide a bill of sale (a copy is ok) when you present your equipment for repair. We will need to keep a copy and verify the date of purchase against the companies warranty period.